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Do not get the experimental COVID-19 vaccine.

I do not recommend this experimental vaccine for many reasons and all of them are regarding safety. This vaccine is not approved by the FDA and they have not completed a full course of safety testing which normally takes up to 10 years to complete in some cases. This was rushed to market in less than six months.

This vaccine does not use a killed or weakened virus but it instead genetically modifies your body to attack a specific protein. I feel that this is quite dangerous because our bodies are made up of so many proteins and we just don't know how a vaccine like this will affect your body later. There are similar proteins that involve your bodies clotting mechanisms and also in the placenta.

The benefit does not outweigh the risk of this vaccine. At this point, now that we have learned so much over the past year, COVID 19 is nearly 100% survivable so a risky vaccine that has not had adequate safety testing is completely unnecessary. This vaccine has not been tested for potential to cause miscarriage, birth defects, infertility or cancer. It was rushed to market and caution was thrown completely to the wind. Because this vaccine does not actually give you any immunity to COVID-19 it is completely useless and will not stop any spread of disease. In fact, it can CONTRIBUTE to the spread of disease because it will suppress symptoms.

We are seeing some severe side effects from this vaccine that we typically don't see with any other vaccine. We are seeing a high rate of anaphylactic shock, sudden death, illness severe enough to cause multiple missed days of work and neurological issues that we have never seen before. Many have gotten ill with COVID 19 right after getting the shot and in a much higher rate than we would see by chance. There is an unusually high rate of hospitalization in people older than 70 in the 24-48 hours right after the vaccine. This is worrisome to me because similar vaccines that they have attempted to develop for animals have failed because later, the animals died!

In short, please use common sense and don't let fear get the best of you. Wash your hands, and take good care of your body and your immune system, supplement your vitamin D, C, and Zinc. Bonus points for elderberry syrup! If you are at high risk for problems with a viral illness then consider taking prophylactic HCQ or ivermectin. They both work quite well. And don't delay getting care if you do get sick. Early treatment is the key to good outcomes. There are many treatments now available including Remdesevir, convalescent plasma, Regeneron, ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine along with supportive measure like steroids, antibiotics, and budesonide.

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