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Why do COVID ICU patients have poor outcomes?

Most people by now have heard that Remdesevir can injure the kidneys. What most people don't know is that the COVID ICU patients are being treated with

Both of these medications have a BLACK BOX WARNING stating that the medication causes severe opportunistic infections including TB, fungal, bacterial and viral infections and should never be given to someone who is ill. In fact, these medications should be stopped immediately if the patient becomes ill. Barcitinib also has a black box warning stating that it can cause arterial and venous clotting issues, death, lymphoma and other malignancies.

So why would any doctor prescribe any medication to an ICU patient that has a side effect of immune suppression? That is a very good question. I have found from speaking with several ICU providers at multiple hospital ICU's in the Buffalo and Rochester area that they are not aware of the black box warnings. They are simply following FDA guidance or hospital protocols. These medications are EUA only meaning they are Emergency Use Authorized based on some small clinical trials (about 1000 patients). The studies that I have reviewed were funded in part by Eli Lily the company that makes Barcitinib. There are many obvious conflicts of interested listed by the NIH. Additionally, the hospitals are heavily incentivized to administer these medications. You could probably do some digging and follow the money trail further if you are so inclined. I already know where it leads.

How were these medications selected in the first place? Well, the NIH used an artificial intelligence program to select this these medications. I don't really know who is in control of this "benevolent AI system".

My advice to all people is to DECLINE the Remdesivr, DECLINE the Barcitinib and DECLINE the Tocilicizimab. It is important to read the medication package inserts I linked above. It is important to understand that the hospitals have a huge financial incentive to give these medications. It is important that you inform yourself so you can make a wise decision on behalf of yourself or your loved ones.

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