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Your Health Comes First

It is important to establish a relationship with our patients in order to provide the best care. We request that you be seen in-person for an annual physical exam (once per year) to receive ongoing treatment. 

Annual Physical Exam  Age 0-29                                                      $165
Annual Physical Exam  Age 30+                                                       $245
Follow-Up / Sick Visit                                                                         $95
CDL/DOT Physical Exam                                                                 $125  

Medical Marijuana Certification                                                        $150
Medical Marijuana Re-certification                                                   $100

Lipo B12 Injection                                                                                $25

B12 Injection                                                                                        $25

Nebulizer Treatment                                                                           $15

Blood Draw (Basic Metabolic Panel with Magnesium)                     $75



IV Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

 Starting at  $125 for 15 grams 

                      $160 for 30 grams

                      $195 for 45 grams

                      $230 for 60 grams

                      $250 for 75 grams

Ascorbic acid a powerful antioxidant that boosts our immune system and helps eliminate toxins. It has antiviral properties that helps with fatigue and chronic illness. Vitamin C supports collagen formation and healthy bone growth. It stimulates the immune system to produce interferon, which increase the number of natural killer cell, and reduces oxidative stress so you can recover quicker. In high doses, Vitamin C supports healing from certain types of cancer, Lyme Disease, COVID-19, Influenza, and other viral infections. 

Myers Cocktail: $150

Is a nutritional infusion comprised of several vitamins and minerals that boost energy and reduces stress. This IV cocktail promotes longevity, aids in healing, improves conditions associated with chronic pain, and improves adrenal fatigue. Other conditions that may benefit from this infusion are asthma, allergies, upper respiratory infections, migraines, and chronic sinusitis. Can be given as often as often as twice per week or as little as once per month. Is comprised of Vitamin C, a combination of B Vitamins, Folic Acid, Magnesium.

Nutritional IV: $175

This infusion is a complete nutritional IV that contains Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Folic Acid, Magnesium, along with additional minerals to boost your immune system! 

Basic IV Hydration: $75

This is our most basic infusion that helps hydrate you with simple IV fluids. This is great for those who struggle to stay hydrated, are recovering from being sick, or if you have a hangovers

Glutathione: $5.00 per mL push

Glutathione IV push may be given right after any IV therapy for an immune boost!

Custom IV Nutritional Infusion:

This infusion is personalized to your individual needs and is for patients who have known nutrient deficiencies that need support. An appointment or bloodwork may be necessary to create a custom IV infusion that meets your personal needs. Price varies depending on need.


*Prices subject to change based on individual need. TBD prior to service*

Doctor taking blood pressure of older patient
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